Best of different compressions systems combined

The compression system has been developed by Carolon, one of the leading US manufacturer of medical compressions systems. Together with material scientists of the university of North Carolina the advantages of short stretch and long stretch bandages, multilayer systems and high-end hosiery have been combined into a single multilayer system.

The system maintains the pressure applied by the clinician, is very comfortable for the patient to wear and can be easily applied. All layers contain a small amount of antimicrobial copper ions to minimize the malodor from sweat - thus increasing quality of life for the patient and patient compliance. Because without a compliant patient an effective compression therapy will not be possible...

1st layer: compression sleeve

  • Protects the skin from mechanical irritation
  • Contours to the individual leg shape 
  • Optimal contouring even after successful reduction of oedema
  • Special design avoids sliding of the dressings

2nd layer: compression bandage

  • Maintains compression
  • High elasticity in diameter, maintains compression after reduction of oedema
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and safe training