Silverlon Adhesive Dressings

The tried and tested Silverlon Technology is now available as adhesive island dressing with a slightly absorbent wound pad. Now using Silverlon is easier and faster than ever! The integrated absorbent pad absorbs smaller amounts of exudate and maintains the moist environment considered helpful for wound healing and also required for silver ion release.


  • Reduces the risk of infection and supports the treatment of acute infected wounds
  • Diabetic, pressure and venous ulcers
  • Traumatic, surgical and chronic wounds
  • Skin graft donor and mesh graft sites

Available sizes

ID-23 Silverlon Adhesive 5x8 cm (Pad 2,5x5 cm) (VE05) 12579904
ID-66 Silverlon Adhesive 15x15 cm (Pad 10x10 cm) (VE05) 12579910
ID-412 Silverlon Surgical Adhesive 10x36 cm (Pad 5x30 cm) (VE05) 12579927