suppliDerm PREP - well prepared for surgery

The physiological stress of a surgical procedure or trauma leads to a catabolic state with significantly increased protein and energy requirements (postsurgical hypermatabolism). The food supplement suppliDerm PREP was developed to stock up the body's most important nutrient stores in preparation for a planned surgical procedure.

suppliDerm PREP is based on our special complex of the vitamins and minerals vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid, magnesium and zinc, as developed and patented by sanaFactur. Our team of pharmacists, biochemists and nutritionists have further improved the tried and tested suppliDerm basic complex to optimally prepare patients for the postsurgical hypermetabolism and the subsequent regeneration processes.

suppliDerm PREP+ has been enriched with vitamins D and K and the mineral calcium specifically in preparation for surgical procedures involving the teeth or bones in order to create the best conditions for the formation and regeneration of healthy bones and teeth.

As with all our suppliDerm products, the mixture and filling is supplemented with other selected and important nutrients. In order to provide both clinicans and patients with more information on the subject of nutrition and wounds or operations, we have created a dedicated website for our suppliDerm products. We have created a special website for Sio in order to provide both trade visitors and patients with more information on the subject of nutrition and wounds or operations. Visit our website to find out more about our suppliDerm PREP product and the importance of nutrition in preparation for surgical procedures!