sanaFactur Carbon Zorflex

The gentle dressing reducing bacteria and malodor


sanaFactur Carbon Zorflex is an antimicrobial, conductive and malodour-absorbing wound dressing. Bacteria and malodour are reduced effectively without releasing any agents into the wound. sanaFactur Carbon Zorflex is made of 100% pure activated carbon fibers using the special Zorflex technology.

These dressings are very gentle and contouring and can be easily used even on difficult to dress anatomical areas. This ensures good contact between dressing and wound. sanaFactur Carbon zorflex creates an effective antimicrobial barrier against microbial contamination and protects the wound from invading microorganisms that might interfere with wound healing.

New - ZorflexLA

sanaFactur carbon Zorflex is gentle in every way - this also means that it will rather tear than destroying newly formed tissue! But sometimes you might need more stability, e.g. on dry wounds where the dressing tends to adhere or when using it in underminded areas, pockets or tunnels. Especially for these cases ZorflexLA was developed, combining the proven Zorflex-technology with a low adherent polyethylene layer on both sides of the dressing - for less adhesion and more stability!