Easy and quick to apply.

Measure the ankle and calf circumference of the leg to select the size of the compression cuffs. To ensure the correct pressure and anatomically correct fit, it is important that you choose the correct size.

When combined with other compression systems, the compression sleeve can be used as padding. This saves you and your patients the often time-consuming application of standard padding. This is one of the reasons why the 40 mmHg compression kit is so popular with many customers and patients. Now that the sleeves are available sperately, you can enjoy this advantage with other compression systems or compression bandages of your choice as well. You can use the compression sleeves in combination with multi-layer systems instead of the first layer of the system. In any case, when combined with other systems, be aware that the compression of this product is effectivy in addition to the compression pressure of a combined compression system!

Hint: Especially at higher ambident temperatures, some patients find it more convenient to turn the sleeves inside out so that the padded side faces out and the smooth side is worn towards the skin.

Washing and care instructions

Washing the sleeves, even by hand, can have a significant negative impact of the visual appearance. Therefore washing the compression sleeves is not recommended.