Silverlon Flex

The unique and patented Silverlon technology fits well to the wound bed and conforms very easily. The Silverlon technology unfolds its power very quickly with continuous release of silver ions over the wear time – for the good of the patient! The Silverlon dressings are flexible and can be used in combination with all secondary dressings or together with negative pressure therapy - depending on your personal therapy choices and your patient's requirements.


  • Reduces the risk of infection and supports the treatment of acute infected wounds
  • Diabetic, pressure and venous ulcers
  • Traumatic, surgical and chronic wounds
  • Burns 1. and 2. degree
  • Skin graft donor and mesh graft sites

Available sizes

REF Size / Dimensions PZN
WCD22-NPS-FLX Silverlon Flex 5x5 cm 2x2 inch (VE05) 11192741
WCD44-NPS-FLX Silverlon Flex 10x10 cm 4x4 inch (VE05) 11192758
WCD84-NPS-FLX Silverlon Flex 20x10 cm 8x4 inch (VE05) 11192764
WCD88-NPS-FLX Silverlon Flex 20x20 cm 8x8 inch (VE05) 11192793