Powered by nature!

Bacteria and malodor will be bound to the surface of Zorflex by physical forces.

All atoms consist of particles with opposite charges, which are moving together. Usually, these opposite charges are evenly distributed and cancel each other. But due to the permanent movement of the particles the distribution will be inhomogeneous at some times. This creates an atom or molecule with opposite local charges. These will affect the distribution of charges in nearby molecules - a force is being exerted between the molecules or atoms (Van der Waals attraction).

For single atoms this force is negligible. But Carbon Zorflex consists of pure activated carbon fibers. Similar to classical charcoal their surface contains many pores, which again contain smaller pores etc (microporous structure). This create a huge surface. The active surface of a 20 x 20 cm dressing (8 x 4 in.) is about the size of a football field!

For this huge surface and the huge number of atoms on the surface the Van der Waals attraction can be very strong. This attractions binds malodoros volatile molecules as well as bacteria or viruses to the surface. Malodor is strongly reduced and the bacterial burden of the wound is reduced without using antimicrobial chemicals.