Wound contact layer for burns

These dressings provide the strong antimicrobial effect of the Silverlon®-Technology, optimized for the treatment of burn wounds. They contour easily and are quick and easy to apply without limiting the patient's range of motion.

Two dressing shapes have been optimized for the chest and torso. They allow to cover large wounds quickly and easily even on this anatomically challenging part of the body.

Available sizes and shapes

REF Size Pcs/Pack
BCD-44 Square, 10x10cm / 4x4 in. 10
BCD-48 Rectangular, 10x20cm / 4x8 in. 10
BCD-1616 Square, 40x40cm / 16x16 in. 1
BCD-2424 Square, 60x60cm / 24x24 in. 1
BCD-CDM For chest / torso, medium , 65x66cm / 25.5x26 in. 1
BCD-CDL For chest / torso, large , 65x76cm / 25.5x30 in. 1